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Tau Kappa Kappa Chapter History


Chartered on July 11, 1998 at the 70th Grand Conclave in New Orleans, Louisiana, Tau Kappa Kappa has had a commitment of service toward the city of Southfield and the greater metropolitan Detroit area. Twenty-two progressive young men, all being inducted into Omega as colligate undergraduates, chartered this chapter with the vision of serving as a beacon of light towards true brotherhood and fellowship. Through this dedication towards service, friendship and through progressive leadership, Tau Kappa Kappa Chapter continues to stand as a pillar in the community and the fraternity.


Tau Kappa Kappa is thoroughly immersed in serving the community by way of Nationally Mandated programs as well as our numerous social action programs, to name a few:


  • O.M.E.G.A. Academy male youth mentoring program
  • Christmas Food Basket Give-a-Way
  • Christmas Caroling with Seniors
  • Coats for Kids
  • Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention seminar
  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention seminar
  • American Cancer Society Relay for Life supporter
  • Highway Clean-up
  • Children Center supporter


We are also the host to North America’s largest “Cruise with the Ques” weekend extravaganza.


Since its early days of formation, Tau Kappa Kappa has been focused on reclaiming non-financial brothers.  The chapter continues to lead in that effort, by way of attracting disconnected brothers as well as assisting brothers who may have initiation paperwork issues and are desirous to “get right!” Looking toward our future, Tau Kappa Kappa will continue to provide exemplary leadership and direction to our beloved Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated to help it thrive and remain viable in Southeast Michigan and abroad.

Charter Members

 Jamie Brooks
 Conce Hunt Jr. (Omega Chapter)
 Eric Quarles
 Curtis Brunson
 Nathan Johnson
 Fred Saffold
 Glenn Catching
 Kurmmell Knox
 Derrick Towns
 Danny Coleman
 Glenn McIntosh
 Alvin Walker
 Christopher Davis
 Rodd Monts
 Gerald Wilder
 Robert Gordon
 Byron Moore
 LaRoy Williams
 Marc Hardy
 Simmie Nichols
 La Mar Harris
 Anthony Petit

First Executive Board 1998 -1999


 Kurmmell Knox
 Anthony Petit
 Alvin Walker
 Keeper of Records & Seal
 LaRoy Williams
 Keeper of Finance
 Rod Monts
 Chapter Reporter
 Danny Coleman
 Keeper of Peace
 Fred Saffold

Past Basilei

1) Kurmmell W. Knox
2) Alvin Walker
3) Glenn McIntosh
4) Gerald Wilder
5) Patrick B. Bosworth ( Ω Chapter)
6) Adonicio Hartley
7) Benjamin Dirden
8) Brandon D. Lewis
9) Fred J. Saffold, III  
10)  Cyrill Weems  
11) Terrence Martin